Videos by SAS:

Visit the SAS Centre YouTube Channel for an up-to-date selection of inspirational videos, practical hints and tips and information on a wide range of conditions.

Videos by SAS:

  • A 4 minute video explaining the SAS methodology.
  • Meet Steven Michaëlis, the founder of Sensory Activation Solutions, in this 4 minute video:

  • A 6 minute video explaining the SAS approach to Attention Deficit.
  • A 15 minute video in which Steven Michaëlis explains the SAS approach to Dyslexia.

Other videos worth watching:

  • Neuro-scientist Jill Bolte Taylor explains how the brain works - highly recommended viewing:
  • Cognitive neuroscientist Liz Reynolds Losin explains neuroplasticity:
  • Sir Ken Robinson on the future of education - thought provoking:
  • Professor Usha Goswami explains Cambridge research on Auditory Processing and Dyslexia

(Source - - © 2012 BBC):

  • A Child's View of Sensory Processing - a 9:15 minute video:

The power of music and early memory - old man reacts to hearing music from his era:

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